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About The Masina Online Quran Program

Many students and families desire to learn how to read the Quran with fluency and others aspire to memorize the Holy Quran. The Masina Online Quran Program provides private Quranic memorization with Tajweed and Quranic reading instruction to children, adults and families using an online platform. Our program has highly certified and experienced female and male Quran instructors.

The Prophet (Peace and Blessing be upon Him) said "The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it".

Program Features

Learn how to read the Quran with Fluency
  • From Beginning Level
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced with complete reading of the Quran with tajweed rules
Memorize the Quran
  • Memorize the complete Quran in a Part-time or Fulltime status
  • Memorize select chapters of the Quran only
  • Upon completing Quran memorization, students should have their own handwritten Quran

What is Masina Online Quran Program ?

The Masina program connects students and families with highly qualified Quran teachers to benefit from the strong West African Quran tradition. This program has incorporated essential components of the highly successful methods of West African Quran reading and memorization in this program to closely simulate the learning experience of a traditional Quran program.

Why masina online quran program?

  • Using the online platform, students log on according to their individualized class with the instructor.
  • Students and families have the flexibility for scheduling private, individualized classes according to the convenience of their schedule.
  • Students can use their mobile phones or laptops to access the sessions.
  • The digital platform allows full interaction- both video and audio simultaneously to facilitate the “in person” experience.
  • Students in the full-time memorization program can benefit from the reinforcement that writing has on memorization by submitting their written sections of the Quran weekly via email.
  • The online platform allows the ability to record the class for students to use for review.